Too late for Fall Fabric? Not at all.

Too late for Fall Fabric? Not at all.

"I love the insane variability of Texas weather", said no one ever!  One week we are wondering when the temperatures and humidity will drop and another week we are preparing for a massive freeze!

A few months ago, I ordered some fabric from Nature's Fabric with plans to make Fall garments. I choose this Gold and Brown flowers on Bamboo/Spandex Jersey

 Gold and Brown Flowers on Bamboo/Spandex Jersey

and this Fall Glitter Stripes Bullet Knit for my daughter.

A mishap with my knee, a sprained finger, and the chaos of the Texas freeze meant my plans for the fabrics had to be delayed until I was healed. The weather has returned to 75° and thankfully, my knee and fingers are back in alignment. Finally, I could think about using these yummy fabric.

I love this fabric for its soft hand and stretchy texture without it feeling confining. Some body conscious fabrics feel like they're compressing your body and I don't like that. This fabric hugs my body, but it still allows me to move. I paired it with McCall's 7186 to make view D. 

I have made this pattern before in a bullet knit and loved it then.

I love the subtle gathers at the bustline that gives interest and adequate coverage when I move and bend.

There are no details like a center seam or a zipper down the back. I like that and it works with a busy print like this one.

This was a fairly fast and easy dress to make. I sewed this up pretty quickly on my Baby Lock Altair and Accolade serger/cover stitch machines.

I love the professional finish it gives to my dress and sleeve hems.

The second garment I made was the Adrienne Blouse by Friday Pattern Company.

I love this pattern and have made a few for myself and Little Miss. The versions I have made myself have ended up in her closet!

Knowing that, I let her choose this fabric with a plan to make this for her. On the day I was taking photos for this post, she was a bit camera shy. That has worked out in my favor because I decided to model it for you. After trying it, this may find a place in my closet.

In my versions of this blouse, I included the sleeve casing at the wrist to gather in the fullness. Little Miss does not like that feature so I omitted it here thinking it would be hers. The volume of the sleeve worn loose is so fun! I love the billowiness of it against the form fitting bodice.

I love this pattern in this denser textured fabric. It has structure, drape and movement. This blouse is a perfect alternative to the t-shirt and jeans uniform of a busy mom. 

In my stash of thousands of patterns, finding ones I want to repeat is a rarity. These two hit a spot with me and I am sure they will make another appearance on this blog. I hope you find patterns that you want to make again and again and make you feel good.


Happy Sewing and Happy New Year!



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All cute makes, if I ever venture back to garment sewing it will be because of you!

Mary Ann Rout

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