Crafty Collaborations

Let's work together!

Are you interested in partnering with me? I do not hesitate to bring my ideas, boldness, and creativity to the conversation or the cutting table.

I love to work on quality projects and engage in much needed conversations about creativity, innovation, diversity and representation in the sewing and crafting industries. 

I am proud to partner with brands that reflect and resonate with my vision, values and desire for more diversity and representation in products, ideas and strategic planning.  I have collaborated with these brands:











Sew . . . what about you? 

Do you have an insatiable passion for sewing and crafting?

Do you want to see greater representation in the crafting and sewing industries?

Are you seeking an innovator that brings ideas, thoughtful questions and creativity to the conference table and the cutting table?


Great. Let's collaborate.

Companies or individuals interested in starting a conversation about collaborating can contact me by completing my contact form.

I typically respond to inquiries within 2 to 4 business days.