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DOPE Sewing Pattern Weights

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Why sew boring? Add some beauty to your cutting table with a set of marble pattern weights. Use these weights to hold down your pattern paper and fabric for fast and efficient cutting with scissors or a rotary cutter and mat.

Each variation includes a set of 8 weights.

Choose a single image repeated over 8 individual pieces.

A single image in a puzzle orientation over four pieces (2 sets of four).

A single image in the puzzle orientation spread over 8 pieces.

The set of 2in. square pattern weights have bold images applied to them and are sealed. Each weight is backed with adhesive felt to protect your pattern and fabric while cutting.

This is a pre-order listing. Orders will begin shipping November 26th.

Please expect some variation in this handmade product.

*There may be a residual smell of the sealant on your product if it was made to order and packaged once dry. If you leave it in an open area, the smell will dissipate shortly.