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Thanks I Made Them, Sew Can You.

Find Yourself Word Search Tote Kit

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Using an embroidery stitch sampler tote bag inspired by the book Represent! Embroidery Stitch 10 Projects, 100+ Designs Featuring a Variety of Shapes, Skin Tones & Hair Textures, learn a variety of beginner embroidery stitches in a decorative word search puzzle. Each puzzle has affirmative words to stitch. Highlight the words that resonate with you. Puzzle arrangements on the totes will vary. This is a hand-sew embroidery kit, not a tote-making kit.

Kit includes:

Canvas Tote Bag

Design Transfer with Puzzle

Embroidery Stitch Guide

Please note this is an original pattern ©2022 by Bianca Springer Thanks! I Made Them. Sew Can You. All rights reserved. This pattern is meant for personal use only. Please do not republish or distribute in any form. This pattern is NOT meant to be used to make and sell commercially without the express permission of the author.