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Thanks I Made Them, Sew Can You.

Vintage/ Retro Sewing Pattern Bundles

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I love sewing with vintage and retro patterns. I like putting a modern twists on old, out of print, retro and vintage styles. I love surprises and discovering new styles that I had not considered, now it's your turn!

This listing is for mystery sewing pattern bundles from assorted decades (1960-early 2000's). The bundles are sold in groups of 10 unless noted in parentheses () next to the size. The condition of the patterns runs the gamut from uncut factory-folded to cut and well used. Cut patterns will be checked for completeness. Note: if a pattern is cut, but is missing small, easy to draft or common pieces like facings, a tie belt, sleeve or pocket, it may be included. The bundles are randomly assigned. If you have a particular garment in mind, leave a note on your order form and I will try to honor it.

The sizes below a 38 bust have a larger assortment of patterns from all eras. 38 and above range from early 80's- and later.

Personal style note: I do not love the broad, boxy designs or soap opera drama of the 80's. I have some of those patterns, but they are not by default, in these bundles. If you love those, please let me know and I will included them for you. I have included photos of my makes to inspire you make something even more fabulous!

If you want to learn how to work with vintage/retro sewing patterns, these are good resources:

I will combine shipping on multiple purchases and refund overages.